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Board swears in new Trustees, elects officers

Board declares financial emergency

Trustees will vote on final budget recommendations Nov. 30

The Laramie County Community College Board of Trustees voted in favor of the declaration of a financial emergency during its meeting Nov. 16.

After board chairman Ed Mosher made the motion for the declaration, Trustee Don Erickson said, “I don’t think any one of us wants to make this motion, but it’s required and it has to be done.”

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Board of Trustees look at budget cut recommendations

College is looking at ways
to deal with budget cuts

In response to Laramie County Community College’s $2.5 million budget cut for this fiscal year, LCCC President Dr. Joe Schaffer and his Cabinet have been considering a number of solutions.

As reported in the last issue of Wingspan, LCCC has taken steps to accommodate these cuts. Two committees, the Revenue Committee and Efficiency Committee, were created in order to find better ways to increase revenue and better utilize the resources at the school’s disposal. These findings were turned into proposals which were then handed over to Schaffer and his Cabinet for further scrutiny.

At the moment, Schaffer has not “given enough analysis to any of these (proposals)” to make any concrete considerations about what actions the school should be taking. However, he has stated that his “role is to facilitate the conversation and process” between faculty, students and administration.

Schaffer also confirmed that the school will not emphasize seeking out donations or sponsors for supplemental revenue, as they are a “one-time cash-in,” and not great for long-term fiscal goals, which is what the college is trying to address. He placed particular emphasis on the need for long-term solutions, as even less funding is to be expected later on, with a further $4.5 million cut in funding expected for next year.

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“For the past few months, LCCC has engaged in a campus-wide effort to strategically and proactively address the reduction in state funding as a result of budget cuts requested by Governor Mead. Although we have been objective in our efforts, the extent of these cuts requires us to eliminate positions, many of which are currently held by dedicated employees and members of our community. These reductions, in both personnel and services sting, but LCCC has preserved the core of our mission and I believe our students, and the community, will continue to see nothing but quality programming from the College just as they have come to expect.

“We did not rush into these decisions, and I am proud of the campus for coming together with creative ideas, voluntary sacrifices, and a collaborative willingness to do what is needed to meet our new state funding realities.

“The proposed reductions are significant. However, we have not had to reduce a single academic program, and as a result no student will see an interruption in their education. Our approach to addressing these reductions has been unique, albeit a bit more complex than the traditional approach, but in the end it has led to what serves students the best.

“My largest concerns loom with the pending legislative session and the fear of further reductions. While we will address any further reductions in a similar manner, I fear that further cuts will more dramatically impact our programming, and thus our students and community.”

For a full PDF of the recommendations, click here.

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