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The poisoned wellspring of knowledge

Finding truth in media during age of fake news

Flag Raising

Illustration by Floyd Whiting and
Isaiah Colbert

The current American political climate has brought many once trusted news outlets into question. Terms like “fake news” get used loosely. Authority figures simply referring to news entities can change opinions on them. Many people have a hard time deciding what is real news or they lack the skills and knowledge to determine whether something is factual or not.

The Internet has exacerbated these issues. There are literally thousands of websites that claim to be news sites. Since so many news and political commentary sites have populated the Internet, it can be hard to determine what is true and what isn’t. Consumers should get their news from more than one place and remain skeptical.

Cheyenne City Councilman Richard Johnson said he believes that when sensationalism is addressed by authority figures, it can instantly give more or less credibility to a subject.

“If President Trump did go out and say these web sites are fake news, it gives them credibility. Your site

will probably crash from traffic if the president mentions you,” Johnson said. “By saying you’re not a credible news organization, he just gave you attention by mentioning your name. If he says something like that, half the country is going to try to find out if it’s true and the other half is going to try to figure out if it’s false.”

Johnson also mentioned the fact that some people are going to find the things they want to online, no matter what.

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Faculty share memories of past April Fools

April Fools’ Day is fast approaching. Pranks are played every year, and Laramie County Community College staff are not exempt.

“I have never pranked a staff member, but I have pranked students,” Morrell said. “I have said we have a quiz on April Fools’ Day. I get all serious and get everything ready. While the students are freaking out, I pull up the test and it says ‘April Fools.’”

People react differently, sometimes people are afraid to play pranks because they do not know who to play them on to and what their reactions will be, but Ward’s co-workers weren’t worried about that.

“The best joke ever played on me was once when I was in my office, all my co-workers took all the doors, top, and my card hood off my jeep,” Ward said.

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Math and Science dean candidate, Bryan Wilson, gave his presentation Monday, March 27.

Candidate Robin Campbell's scheduled presentation for Wednesday, March 30 was canceled. A makeup date has not been announced.

Technology advances help uphold academic integrity

Academic integrity is nothing new in education. What is new, however, is the technological advancements available to students, making it easier and more tempting to break that integrity.

Laramie County Community College’s student discipline adjudication procedure defines academic integrity as “the moral code or ethical policy of academia” which includes “values such as avoidance of cheating or plagiarism and maintenance of academic standards. Students are expected to submit original work and give credit to other peoples’ ideas.”

A blemish to upholding academic integrity, commonly known as cheating, can be done in several ways. There is:

To help monitor or prevent the different types of cheating, LCCC has given instructors options to utilize in an effort to prevent cheating, such as:

“Most incidences of plagiarism occur because students are not careful when taking notes from their sources,” Leif Swanson, instructor of English, said. “As a consequence of poor note taking, students sometimes place borrowed material into their papers without citing their sources properly.”

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