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Apartments may be built near college

Laramie County Community College students have one place to live on campus, the Residence Halls. They are surrounded by open fields on one side and occupied homes on another. This situation is not ideal for nontraditional students with families or students with a desire for their own space who cannot afford a pricey mortgage.

The Residence Halls house only about 275 students, according to the Director of Residential Living, Jason Ostrowski, and space fills up quickly. Moreover, the dorms do not allow students to live with children or a spouse. There has been speculation of building family-friendly Residence Halls, but that plan is years away. The number of empty apartment spaces is also shockingly low in Cheyenne, so finding an affordable place to live can be difficult for a student.

Prospective property one half mile from LCCC

Luckily, for future students, the prospect of a new apartment complex is right around the corner. The apartments would be situated at 603 E. College Drive, in a neighborhood called Wallick and Murray Gardens. The property is only one half mile away from LCCC’s west entrance, set between Avenue C and the South Greeley Highway.

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