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Posted at 11 p.m. May 7, 2014

Trustees ask for rephrasing of gen ed policy

Upon hearing a proposed policy on general education at a board of trustees’ meeting May 7, two Laramie County Community College trustees asked for rephrasing of a sentence within the policy they felt would discourage future growth of curriculum.

The sentence in question said “The college must resist the temptation to expand the curriculum beyond what is essential for completion of a program of study.” Trustee Don Erickson said this language “hits me as boxing us in” and “gives the impression of entrenchment.” He asked that the president rephrase the language more positively. Agreeing with Erickson, trustee Ed Mosher said he felt the language gave the administration an excuse to shoot down possible changes without fully considering them. Especially as an educational institution, he said, the college needs to be “open to new ideas.”

Both trustees agreed the language should encourage a continuous review of the curriculum, without discouraging expansion and growth.
Trustee Erickson said he would have trouble voting to approve the new policy at the meeting on May 21 if the language didn’t change. “We need to feel comfortable with the phraseology of this particular statement,” he said.

President Dr. Joe Schaffer agreed to adjust the language to be more positive. “Let’s nail it down right,” he said. “We don’t want misleading language.”

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Posted at 11:30 p.m. May 7, 2014

Future renovations coming to PE Building, library

Laramie County Community College is planning to revamp two buildings on campus, the PE Building to augment health and wellness and the Ludden Library to become a commons area of an academic one-stop shop.

The LCCC Physical Education Building is set to be partially renovated to liven up the building. According to the “Level One Planning Document,” presented to the LCCC trustees May 7, the major component of the project would make the transition of a portion of the existing large multipurpose room into spaces accommodating cardio equipment, weights and a new second floor for offices.

The PE Building renovation will be contained entirely within the existing structure, and remodeling in spaces above adjacent roofs may provide opportunity to cut openings in the existing exterior walls, replace the walls with glazing and introduce daylight and views of the outdoors into those spaces, the planning document explained.

A primary concern for upcoming renovation projects is the presence of asbestos, lead paint or other hazardous materials that may currently exist in the building’s structure. The level one planning document revealed that a campuswide survey was performed in the early 1980s, “however, the results are no longer available.” In that regard an environmental consultant will be hired to inspect the areas identified for renovation.

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The Laramie County Community College Wingspan will not
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Laramie County Community College Wingspan held their annual banquet on April 30 where several students and faculty were recognized for their outstanding achievements this semester. Congratulations to everyone who was honored at the banquet.

Posted at 1 p.m. May 5, 2014

New hours for ID station

The hours for the Laramie County Community College ID station in Student Services (next to financial aid) have been amended to allow Campus Safety and Security to follow evening lockdown procedures.

The new hours will be 8 a.m.—10 p.m., Monday through Friday. The ID station is closed on weekends and holidays.

Students who need to obtain an ID must bring with them:

  1. A picture ID to verify identity;
  2. A copy of class schedule with their student ID number on it (can be obtained from Student Records).

Faculty and staff must have the following to obtain an ID:

  1. A picture ID to verify identity;
  2. Employee Identification Number (can be obtained from Human Resources).

Point of contact: Zeke Sorenson, program manager, Campus Activities and Multicultural Engagement (CCC 109A) 307-778-1119 or 307-256-0805.

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