Posted at 5 p.m., March 30, 2015

Swing into Spring

As spring approaches, it might be the right time to give Laramie County Community College’s Jazz Convocation a try.

The spring jazz concert with the theme of “It Might as Well be Swing” will be at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 16, at the Cheyenne Civic Center.

The concert will offer traditional big band sounds, contemporary jazz and a few surprises that LCCC’s low bass teacher, Jeff Bowell, said he hoped his audience will look forward to. Among the songs that will be performed are a ‘70s’ country rock song titled “Interstate 95 South” and a transcription of Paul McCartney’s “Eleanor Rigby,” which Bowell described as “marvelous,” written by LCCC’s instructor of choral music, Dr. Judy Ransom, who also plays the piano in the jazz convocation.

The performance will not have any significant changes compared to previous performances, except showcasing almost all new material. The concert will also show the talents of two singers, Garret Struzick and Kiana Coburn, and will feature them in other selections during the program.

“The music department is, in many ways, one of the faces of LCCC to the Cheyenne community,” said Bowell, who has a background in military bands having served five and half years in the band at West Point, the United States Military Academy in New York, and also the Air Force bands for 20 years. “Music students need opportunities that demonstrate the skills they have mastered: the skills on their instrument, the skills of learning new music and of learning how to put on a show,” he explained.

“We are taking the LCCC music program before the public, and it’s our pleasure to do so,” Bowell said.

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