Posted at 5 p.m., April 11, 2016

Trustees tour Flex-Tech building

Before the April 6 Laramie County Community College Board of Trustees meeting, members of the board, LCCC staff and Wingspan staff were taken on a tour of the new Flex-Tech building. FCI Contractors superintendents and architects from CTA Group, the engineering firm that designed the building, gave a short tour and a presentation highlighting the progress of the project and some of the features of the new building.

The guides detailed how each part of the building works. The two large bays will house the diesel technology and welding programs. The outside of the buildings are nearly identical but the inside of each building is custom built for the two programs.

Touring different sections of building

The diesel tech side has exhaust hoses on reels that drop from the ceiling and connect to the tail pipe of a running vehicle to keep carbon dioxide from collecting in the building. The doors on both ends of the building are tall enough and open wide enough to drive diesel trucks in one side and out of the other. There are multiple bays for individual work and one large bay for longer projects.

The welding side has a similar exhaust set up, but it will be used for extracting harmful welding and torch gasses from each individual welding booth. There is enough room to house 44 separate welding booths. This could potentially accommodate 30 more students than what the current facility can hold. The individual welding booths are currently being built by LCCC students.

The two large sections of the building are joined in the middle by classrooms and office space. These rooms can be made smaller or larger by moving the sliding glass doors to divide or unite the rooms. The building also features large glass windows on each side that allow natural light to illuminate the buildings during the day.

Building on schedule

President Dr. Joe Schaffer said that the only delays to the construction have been weather-related but the project is still on schedule and on budget. Schaffer also said the move-in date will be on July 31 and the substantial completion date is Sept. 1, but the landscaping may have to be pushed to the spring of 2017 because of weather factors.

Schaffer also said some buildings that currently exist on campus will be renamed when the new buildings are finished.

The automotive and diesel tech building will be changed to the Auto-tech building, the gym will be changed to the Recreation and Athletic Center, the current student services area will be changed to the Crossroads building, the new welding and diesel tech building will be called the Flex-Tech building, and the new student services building will be called the Pathways building. Only one board member disagreed with any of the names.

Trustee Don Erickson said, “All the names make sense except the Pathways building.” He said the building should have a functional name like the Student Services Center so new students are not confused by esoteric names. Interim Vice President Terry Harper suggested naming it the Student Union. Trustee Bradley Barker said that new students will not know where the buildings are regardless of the names the buildings carry.

Schaffer also talked about the success of the advertising LCCC did during the Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeos, saying the ads, called rodeo 101, were pretty successful and there is significant interest in doing more advertising during the upcoming CFD.
Schaffer also said LCCC is working on a sponsorship agreement with CFD.

The board talked about the upcoming tuition raise. The Wyoming Community College Commission decided to raise tuition fees $6 per credit in the fall of 2016. Schaffer emphasized that the commission is responsible for the tuition raise when he said, “We (LCCC) are not driven by raising funds or revenue.”

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