Posted at 1 p.m., April 12, 2016

Three Hathaway bills enter the legislature, one bill passes

Legislature expands testing options for Hathaway scholarship

The Hathaway scholarship was viewed this legislative session as three bills were introduced to change aspects of the requirements and rewards.

The bills included reward increase, inclusion of SATs and a nonresident eligibility.

Traditionally, the scholarship is only awarded to students that are from Wyoming schools who wish to attend a Wyoming college or community college. The Hathaway eligibility for non-citizen did not make it into committee. Sponsored by representatives Cathy Connolly, David Northrup, Ruth Petroff and Dan Zwonitzer, and Senators Bernadine Craft and Chris Rothfuss, the bill was killed after its introduction on Feb. 12. It would have allowed people outside of Wyoming to be eligible to the otherwise Wyomingite exclusive scholarship.

The Hathaway scholarship program-award increase would increase the awarded money to $1,385 for the highest ranking award. It would allow for more money per semester for a full-time student from Wyoming. The bill was sponsored by Joint Education Interim Committee. This bill made it to committee where it then failed. Representative Northrup, member of the Joint Education Interim Committee, said, “The money appropriation just isn’t there. The Hathaway scholarship is still there but we just don’t have the funding to increase it at this time.”

The final bill, Hathaway scholarship eligibility, will allow tests other than the ACTs to be used as a qualifying test for the scholarship. This will include the SATs. The bill, sponsored by the Select Committee on Statewide Education Accountability, was only one of the three bills about the scholarship to be signed by the Governor. This bill will be used for graduates of the 2016-2017 school year and every year thereafter.