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Student Government Association

SGA discusses course fees, finals week

Amber Munjar

Final discussion:

SGA members listen to an explanations given by Terry Harper about the new finals schedules.

Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs Terry Harper presented the Student Government Association with the schedule for fall semester’s finals week during the March 10 meeting.

The college did not utilize a set final exams time this academic year. Exams were to be taken as classes occurred in weeks 1-15 and carried on into week 16; if a class needed extra exam time, it was to schedule for that.

The current idea for finals in the fall sits on the last three days of the 16-week semester. Classes will meet on Monday and Tuesday and the last three days fall into the exam schedule.

“Because we have so many courses offered … I’m looking at those courses that are offered from 3-4:50 p.m. on Fridays, they’re going to actually have their exam between 7-9 a.m. on a Friday, so it doesn’t exactly correspond,” Harper said.

In making decisions about this new schedule, it proves difficult to try and accommodate all needs for exam times, and therefore some exam periods aren’t all at the same time or the same day as the class, according to the schedule Harper presented to SGA.

“This was a collaborative effort with SGA, with faculty, with student services and with academic affairs,” Harper said.

“We all want to take a look at it and say, ‘will this work for us, should we try it?’” Harper asked when soliciting for feedback from SGA.

“Or are there changes that we’d like to see made to this that might improve it?”

SGA members determined that it would be prudent if the schedule was easier to read. Members said they appreciated the current finals schedule and expressed concerns about the chances a student might have for more than a few finals on one day. It could be possible for some students to have all finals on one day depending on class scheduling.

Course Fee

Cynthia Henning, interim director of Health Sciences and Wellness, and Adrienne Wade, director of the ultrasound program, presented a trial ultrasound program to SGA during the March 10 meeting.

The program was separate from other course fee information presented to SGA, because it qualifies as a trial course and trial courses don’t normally have course fees attached, so the course was pulled back for evaluation.

The total cost for the course is $500; $250 of that includes registration for vascular sonography, which students can achieve once the advanced placement course is complete. Students must register as vascular sonographers at the end of course, so this fee is important, Henning said.

All hospitals and clinics require vascular sonographers to be registered in order for reimbursement to occur with insurance companies in their future careers. Without this course, students in this field will be unable to perform any exam on a person’s legs and arms to look at arteries and veins.

“All my graduates from last year are required to get their RVT (Registered Vascular Technologist) within one year, and that’s why we implemented it and tried to get it going now, because we’re coming up on one year of graduation,” Wade said.

The other $250 would cover the costs and materials needed to offer the class.

After brief discussion, SGA approved the course fee for the trial course.

Canned food drive

The canned food drive that was held from Feb. 22-March 4 managed to raise $902 in donations to


Graduation T-shirt

Project Coordinator and Writer for Public Relations Troy Rumpf presented SGA with several options for graduation T-shirts. SGA was asked to vote on the front and back designs for the shirt.

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