Posted at 5:32 p.m., April 14, 2016

Noble man advances athletic program

Athletic director spots problems, moves to fix them

Vycktoryja Selves

Drumming to a new beat:

Scott Noble leads a Homecoming spirit rally in October 2015.

Scott Noble, the athletic director for Laramie County Community College, has made his mark at the college with his many ideas to improve the athletic facilities and has taken charge of numerous improvements around campus in less than a year.

One of the first ideas that Noble felt strongly about was the addition of a sand volleyball court near the dorms. Noble met with the Student Government Association to figure out what they would like to see added on campus. The consensus was that they would like to have a sand volleyball court.

“I worked closely with Tim Macnamara and boom, we got it done,” Noble said. “It’s something everyone on campus can use and enjoy.”

Addressing entertainment

He shifted his focus to adding entertainment value to LCCC athletic contests. Noble thinks the game itself is great, but there’s a lot of lags in the game. There needs to be other forms of entertainment to keep fans engaged during those spans of time.

“I wanted to try and tie our programs into the community, which is very important,” Noble said. “So I want to invite local high school cheer and dance teams to come to our games and have them perform.”

During the timeouts and halftime the cheer or dance teams can perform routines.

“Another thing I want to do for next year, since the music department is going to start up a pep band, is to invite the pep band to come out and perform at some games,” Noble said.

Fixing advertising

He then shifted his focus to marketing and promotions. He envisioned creating sports schedule posters for each of the athletic programs on campus, then worked with Pepsi to sponsor the posters and have them made. Noble also worked with Pepsi to sponsor media guides for each sport. They include the athletes’ profiles and statistical information.

“In order to engage our community into our programs and to engage our fans,” Noble said, “you have to be able to provide them with this type of information.”

Another thing that was started at LCCC is ticketing. Charging admission is something that was never done at LCCC.
Noble led the effort to reinstate women’s basketball at LCCC.

“We are the capital city of Wyoming, the largest junior college in the region and we don’t have a women’s basketball program. That’s a sin,” Noble said.

Change may be uncomfortable at first, but by adding women’s basketball to the athletic programs that LCCC offers it may help with enrollment numbers and LCCC’s reputation in Region 9 athletics.

Noble wanted to change the way sports banquets were done at LCCC; he had a vision for something much greater. Prior to this year each sport would hold its own postseason banquet.

“My vision of an athletic awards banquet is a sit-down meal where everybody is dressed up, and we invite our donors, members, supporters, faculty/staff, so we can recognize all of our sports at one time with everyone that was along for the ride,” Noble said.

A Noble vision

Noble has a powerful vision for the athletic department that involves a huge restoration of the multipurpose room and more.

“This is going to be a $6 or $7 million restoration project,” he said. “Hopefully we can get this going within the next year as it is projected to take anywhere from a year and a half to two years to complete. So the sooner we get this going the better.”

Noble wants to add school pride to the PE building and has a couple of ideas on how he can do just that. He plans to create a donor board with all of donors’ names and their donation level, a wall that recognizes LCCC’s athletes, and a trophy case. He also discovered a company that makes wall wraps for schools to add a sense of pride to a school, which will cover the existing white walls without needing to paint them.

Noble is a man with a plan for LCCC. He wants to give the facilities around campus a facelift. He has many more ideas and plans floating around, but like he said, “We gotta take it one step at a time.”

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