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Posted at 11:30 p.m. May 7, 2014

Future renovations coming to PE Building, library

Laramie County Community College is planning to revamp two buildings on campus, the PE Building to augment health and wellness and the Ludden Library to become a commons area of an academic one-stop shop.

The LCCC Physical Education Building is set to be partially renovated to liven up the building. According to the “Level One Planning Document,” presented to the LCCC trustees May 7, the major component of the project would make the transition of a portion of the existing large multipurpose room into spaces accommodating cardio equipment, weights and a new second floor for offices.

The PE Building renovation will be contained entirely within the existing structure, and remodeling in spaces above adjacent roofs may provide opportunity to cut openings in the existing exterior walls, replace the walls with glazing and introduce daylight and views of the outdoors into those spaces, the planning document explained.

A primary concern for upcoming renovation projects is the presence of asbestos, lead paint or other hazardous materials that may currently exist in the building’s structure. The level one planning document revealed that a campuswide survey was performed in the early 1980s, “however, the results are no longer available.” In that regard an environmental consultant will be hired to inspect the areas identified for renovation.

The document contained designed diagrams that emphasize the organization and circulation of the renovation. The details specify that spaces of the remodeled PE Building should be organized around the check-in desk. This upgrade will also include a way to improve the functionality and overall experience while in the PE Building by activating the circulation space and including related functions within the space and visually connecting it to adjacent functions and fields outdoors.

A public forum April 16 provided an opportunity for input from students, faculty, staff and the community. Some of the concerns and changes being considered include:

Nearly every space in the current building plan is dark and does not provide an outside view, so the LCCC Steering Committee hoped by introducing these features the building will become more inviting and will enhance the experiences of students, faculty and staff who utilize the space and equipment.

Adding a second level to the PE Building would provide more than 5,000 square feet of additional space without expanding the blueprint of the building. This second floor would house offices for athletic coaches, a conference room where yoga and Pilate classes would frequent and a study lounge. However, adding a second level may require the college to dish out additional funds.

LCCC consulted Tobin and Associates, P.C., an architecture and planning company, to take the lead on the Level One Planning Document. The associate principal and architect, Matthew Tredennick, and principal Kenneth A. Tobin credited LCCC Athletic Director Pete Cautilli for being the driving factor in establishing athletic and PE needs at the college, noting he is “not all about athletics but about the student body, and finding out how the renovation can benefit everybody.”

Overall, the goal of this renovation is to provide students with an environment that will enable them to develop habits that support lifelong wellness. The qualitative design goals and strategies section in the Level One Planning Document noted the design of the remodel should bear this in mind and consider ways in which the building could reinforce the essence and importance of health and wellness.

Along with the renovation of the PE Building, the college is embarking upon renovating the Ludden Library. A budget of $3.5 million was established by LCCC, and level one planning was headed by Bennett Wagner Grody Architects’ Martha Bennett, which is based in Denver.

LCCC President Dr. Joe Schaffer said the college has $675,000 on hand, and he believed the college has another commitment for around half a million dollars from another source, both of which are considered private funds.

In response to a concern brought up by trustee Don Erickson about the budget for the library commons at a dinner meeting prior to the board meeting, Schaffer said: “Our target for that project has been $2.5 million. The reason it’s in at $3.5 million is because there are things that are alternatives, or things we might want to have in there, and we felt that starting off at a higher number is easier to come down from in terms of authorization, than starting off at a low number and having to ask for additional authorization.”

The most costly of “things” mentioned by Schaffer are including the exam lab in the library commons, the lab currently housed in the Education and Enrichment Center.

Expanding the library/learning commons area will add around 2,000 square feet to the area and will also include:

The level one draft for the renovation includes a list of Learning Commons goals and recommendations for expansions to current library services which include:

During the board meeting, it was noted the plan was not to go forward with the math lab or the café because both have recently been remodeled.

The square footage of the expansion and the project construction date are yet to be determined, with occupancy scheduled for approximately six to nine months following initiation of construction.

The mission of the Learning Commons is to provide an innovative learning hub that integrates technology, information and expertise in an environment focused on promoting collaboration, building community and achieving academic excellence.

Video: Board meeting May 7

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