Posted on April 28, 2014

Campus utilizes existing software
to track plagiarism in new way

Laramie County Community College officials are trying to take a bite out of plagiarism by implementing a central reporting system, a special assistant for LCCC’s academic affairs said.

In an effort to streamline incident reporting for LCCC’s Academic Code of Conduct, a central reporting system was set in place November, using LCCC’s current software, said James Miller, special assistant to the vice president of academic affairs, Dr. Jose Fierro.

“There was no central reporting before,” Miller said. “Dr. Fierro wanted to make sure we have a more central report.”

Previously, tracking reports of plagiarism, cheating and other code of conduct infractions was the responsibility of individual LCCC employees, Miller said. Now, repeat offenders can be tracked and reported to all of a student’s advisers, instructors and deans, Miller explained.

Since November, two reports have been filed.

On the other hand, the software will provide the college a means of tracking the code of conduct paper trail for students who feel the proper procedures have been ignored, Miller said.

Miller explained the primary goal of the central reporting system is to track repeat offenders college–wide, but it also benefits students by providing plagiarism education.

Once a student is reported, Miller reviews the incident with the student and determines the best course of action, Miller said. Typically, first-time offenders have simply misunderstood the plagiarism guidelines or forgotten to cite sources, Miller said.

However, if a student receives more than two code-of-conduct incident reports, he is reported to the dean of students, Miller said.

The idea of using current software for a central reporting system was proposed last year by Jason Ostrowski, LCCC’s director of residential living and judicial affairs, and Fierro approved the implementation, Miller said.

LCCC’s Academic Code of Conduct and a PDF version of LCCC’s Student Handbook are available to students online at under the Life@LCCC: Handbook and Policies tab.

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