Jeran Artery

Equality advocate:

Head of Wyoming Equality Jeran Artery spoke on campus as part of a panel discussing issues that affect the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community April 16.

Photo by Casey Chandler


Posted on April 28, 2014

Panel promotes
S.A.F.E. environment
for LGBT community

You are not alone.

A panel of members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community shared their experiences at an open-floor conference in Laramie County Community College’s Student Lounge on April 16, telling members of the audience who may struggling with their gender a support system is available.

Catherine Connolly, an openly gay state legislator and expert on gender and sexuality, said, “The idea that something makes you lesbian, gay or bisexual is an idea that we make up.”

Jeran Artery, head of Wyoming Equality, said, “Being gay is a perfectly legitimate reason for being fired in the state of Wyoming.”

The panel also included A.J. McDaniel, a female-to-male transgender auto mechanic, and his partner Jennifer Mumaugh, who has a master’s degree in social work and is certified in Student Alliance for Equality Zone training.

The panelists discussed their life experiences, relationships and the public’s reactions when they find out about their sexual preferences.

“When I go into work, I’m not even allowed in the men’s restroom,” McDaniel said.

After the panelists gave a short synopsis into their lives, the audience was given a chance to ask the panel members questions. The questions ranged from “What religions are more accepting to LGBT freedoms?” to “What actually defines you as being gay?” and “How has your sexual preference affected your career decisions?”

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