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Roz Schliske, left, congratulates Kathleen Urban, right, as she receives the Howard Major First Amendment Guardian Award because of her outstanding support for the First Amendment.

Photo by Stephanie McGee

Posted at 2 p.m. April 30, 2014

Urban named fifth recipient of Howard Major First Amendment Guardian Award

The interim vice president for the Albany County Campus of Laramie County Community College was named the fifth recipient of an award given by LCCC journalism students that recognizes individuals or groups who defend the First Amendment.

Kathleen Urban, who started the paralegal program at LCCC in 1988, received the Howard Major First Amendment Guardian Award on April 30.

The honor was presented to Urban at the Wingspan annual awards luncheon by a Wingspan co-editor, Brooke A. Rogers. She noted Urban, who is retiring this year, was selected to receive the award based on the body of her work supporting the First Amendment especially related to the arts and humanities in Wyoming, Cheyenne and LCCC.

Most recently, Urban was the dean of LCCC’s School of Arts and Humanities, but she has also served LCCC as interim and permanent dean of social sciences and interim dean of health, science and agriculture.

In an interview with LCCC’s student newspaper, Wingspan, Urban said, “While First Amendment rights are not unlimited, they do deserve the highest level of protection, especially when state action is involved.”

The honor was created in 2010 by the Wingspan staff in recognition of the retirement of Dr. Howard Major, dean of the LCCC Arts and Humanities Division, for his defense from infringement of the First Amendment’s five freedoms—speech, press, religion, assembly and petition, especially in the areas of publications, art, music, theatre and speech communication.

Major was the first recipient followed by Dr. Kevin Kilty, former LCCC instructor and now LCCC trustee; Jim Angell, executive director of the Wyoming Press Association, and Bruce Moats, First Amendment attorney in Wyoming.