Bill Dalles, Travis Jones

Taking you to school:

As SGA member Bill Dalles, left, breaks away from the defensive pressure of seventh-grade Boys and Girls Club member Travis Jones, 12, who looks to pass the ball.

Photo by Madi Lacey

Posted on April 7, 2014

Boys and Girls joins
SGA for a day of play

For the month of March, the Student Government Association of Laramie County Community College invited the Cheyenne’s Boys and Girls Club to visit the campus. The organization toured campus March 6, ate lunch and played an assortment of games in the multipurpose building. The children kicked soccer balls, shot hoops and ran around accompanied by members of the student leader association.

SGA also engaged in a friendly pillow fight with random students around campus. Senators walked around campus with two pillows each and, at random, tossed pillows to students in hopes of a little pillow fight fun. The act was to provide an enjoyable and stress-relieving activity for students who were stressed during the week of midterms.

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