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College Drive Self-Storage has been a Laramie County Community College neighbor for nearly 10 years.

Mark and Shelley Macy built the building and began their business in September 2002. They decided on a storage business after doing a market study. Shelley Macy said they had the opportunity and decided to go forth with it.

Although the self-storage business is not the Macys' primary jobs; Shelley is an engineer and her husband is an attorney in Cheyenne, Macy said it is a good business and they thoroughly enjoy it.

Macy said the aspect of the job she likes most is the diversity of customers and interaction with so many different people. Macy's longtime employee Katrina Barnes also enjoys meeting new people.

Barnes has been working at College Drive Self-storage for about five years and says it has been a good fit for her over the years.

There are some college students who utilize their facility, Macy said, mostly during the summertime when students leave for break.

The storage unit is so close to the college it makes it easy for students to keep things there to bring back when they return to school in the fall.

Storage Wars: Cheyenne

Macy said the TV show Storage Wars has sparked some interest in their business. Although storage auctions are and have been a part of their storage business since they began in 2002, the show has brought more attention to the subject, Macy said.

Usually, College Drive Self-Storage has an auction about once every few months and they post notices in the legal section of the classifieds in the Cheyenne newspaper and Macy said they usually get a turnout anywhere from 10–40 people.

The auctions don't provide much money to the business but Macy said that's ok because they aren't trying to make money by selling peoples things.

Their main source of revenue is of course from providing a safe place for individuals to keep their belongings.

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