Key cards to be implemented on campus

Not just a one-trick pony, Laramie County Community College identification cards are really smartcards with many uses.

They are library cards, on-campus meal tickets and have a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip to open the doors to the residence halls, Chad Marley, LCCC's chief technology officer, said.

Now, more buildings will be added to the RFID access, of which the pilot building is the Physical Education Building.

"It is the most diverse building when it comes to foot traffic during regular hours and after hours and who has access to it," Marley said. The RFID access for PE has been up and running since March 15.

Eventually, more buildings will be added, Bob Atkinson, LCCC's safety and security interim director, said. Giving access with the smartcards will play into the more safety-conscious campus LCCC strives to be, he said.

Eventually, smartcards will replace actual physical keys, besides master keys, Marley said.

"From a financial aspect they also will be more efficient for the campus. Replacing keys and locks, after all, costs more than replacing a smartcard," Atkinson said.

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