Bullying the competition

Bull rider aims for professional arena

Bull rider Logan Kadlec is currently sitting in the Top 10 in the region, yet he is unsatisfied and is ready to compete for a national position as the second half of the collegiate rodeo season begins.

Kadlec has competed in about 10 rodeos for Laramie County Community College since October to remain focused and has stayed on about 50 percent of the bulls he has ridden. Overall, Kadlec said every bull ride feels the same at every level of competition, but as the competition level rises, so does the power of the bulls.

Kadlec should know; he has competed in every level of bull riding from junior bulls to pre-professional bulls. It all started when he started to ride junior steers at age 6 and decided he wanted to try junior bulls. Unlike many bull riders, Kadlec, of Bladeworth, Saskatchewan, Canada was the first bull rider in his family. Even so, he was persistent about getting on bulls. He first rode junior bulls when he turned 11, and ever since, he has moved up in difficulty levels.

Most recently, Kadlec fell just short of qualifying to compete for the PBR.

Rider says horses more challenging than bulls

Watching bull riders can present questions about what really scares them. If you ask Kadlec that question, he will say horror movies are the worst. Kadlec would also say bull riding is not the hardest event in the rodeos but bucking horses are. He cannot quite explain why the bucking horses scare him; he just knows they do.

So many people ask how athletes like Kadlec become so good, and so many athletes like him say by hard work and practice. Kadlec agreed. He said he loved riding so much; he travels across the U.S. and parts of Canada to find rodeos to compete in throughout the year. He competes in about two to three events a weekend during the rodeo season.

The most impressive aspect about Kadlec may be the idea that he sees this as his career. He is earning a degree in agriculture as a fallback position in case anything goes wrong; however, he said he doesn't plan on needing it.

Kadlec practices team roping as well

Any free time Kadlec has is consumed by team roping practice because he is moving toward wanting to compete in that event as well. He currently doesn't have a partner, as he wants learn what he can in the future first.

As for the old-time classic nickname, Kadlec is referred to as "Kaddy" by fellow cowboys. Kadlec, or Kaddy if you prefer, said the name came about when he was little, and older cowboys said he needed a better name to be called. The name has since stuck.

Kadlec said he is happy to talk bull riding with anyone and even more excited when his family is mentioned because of how uplifting they have been to him during his rides.

Kadlec's ultimate goal is to qualify for PBR and to compete in Cheyenne Frontier Days.

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