Posted at 1 p.m. April 6, 2017

Students discuss what Easter means to them

Easter is one of those holidays that is so major in western culture it is hard to ignore. Whether or not a person or their family is particularly religious, Easter probably leaves an impact on them one way or another. A few Laramie County Community College students shared how Easter influences them.

Jay Ligali, automotive technology major:

“I go to church and participate events like hiding eggs in various places … My church does this to create a safe place for families to do things like this that otherwise they wouldn’t have the ability or opportunity to,” Ligali said.

Kat Soden, automotive technology major:

“Every Easter, it’s a family tradition to go to our church and we have a big breakfast,” Soden said. “All the men basically cook the breakfast for everyone. I think my dad and uncle are some of the best cooks. After the breakfast, we come back for worship and singing. As part of the youth leaders, my sister and I hide dyed eggs for the younger children.”

Derek Goldfuss, molecular biology major:

“At my house, my parents give all the kids some sort of candy from the Easter Bunny,” Goldfuss said. “Some years, we hide eggs around the house for the younger kids … We also have a family dinner which consists usually of ham, chicken, or another traditional dish. It is a pretty big dinner, however not as large as Thanksgiving.”

Jordon Rowe, computer science major:

“My family usually does all the dyeing and hiding of eggs that most families do for Easter … My grandmother usually cooks dinner for the family,” Rowe said. “However, this year she is in Virginia, so that isn’t going to happen this year.”

Codi Ann Nelson, interdisciplinary liberal arts major:

While spending time with family seems to be the norm among many others, Nelson has a unique Easter tradition.

“I go to Seattle for an Anime convention every year,” Nelson said. “It was sort of a happy accident that it started happening. It is super fun, especially since my family at home doesn’t really do anything (for Easter).”

“On Easter Sunday, there is a charity auction in the convention,” Nelson said. “There is a lot of artwork and stuff by people who have worked on the content for various things, like artists, voice actors, producers and directors. You bid on items and the money will go to various charities.”

Whether it may be dyed eggs, breakfast goodies or Japanese cuisine, it seems like the students at LCCC have a lot of good food, fun times and wonderful memories.


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