Posted at 1 p.m. April 11, 2017

Men’s basketball alumni discuss current careers

“LCCC helped me build my confidence, and I could carry it over to the school I am at now.”

Iziah Sherman-Newsome

Former LCCC men’s basketball player

The Laramie County Community College men’s basketball team has had a lot of talented players who have continued their basketball careers after playing for LCCC. Where are they now?

“LCCC helped me build my confidence, and I could carry it over to the school I am at now,” Iziah Sherman-Newsome said.

Sherman-Newsome played for LCCC during the 2015-2016 year. Now he plays for Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, Canada.

“It was an awesome situation, and I knew Coach Jason Ficca well, so it seemed like the best fit,” Sherman-Newsome said.

Not only have some of the alumni gone on to other colleges, but there have also been past players who have gone professional with their basketball career.

Some other former LCCC players who have transferred include:

Current Professional Players:

Alex Dargenton also continued his career after his time at LCCC. He played during the 2014-2015 school year and now plays for Utah State University after red-shirting for a year.

“I got introduced to LCCC through a coach that used to be at Adams State,” Dargenton said. “I felt like it was a great place to get exposed, especially when we made it to the tournament.”

LCCC paved a path for these athletes to get them where they are today.

“It was a good spot to be with not only LCCC having a good program, but being a winning program,” Dargenton said. “It was a good atmosphere to start my basketball career.”

Sherman-Newsome said he loves it in Canada because he gets to see different parts of the world and he can contribute a lot of that to the LCCC basketball program and what the program did for him.


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