Graduating nursing students to be honored in pinning ceremony

The Laramie County Community College Midred Montag nursing class of 2011 will conduct a pinning ceremony for all graduating nursing students.

The pinning ceremony will be at 1 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 10, in the multipurpose room. At this ceremony students will officially transition into the profession of nursing and receive a nursing pin symbolizing their dedication in nursing school, class president of fourth-semester nursing students Haley Cooper said.

The students will have the opportunity to dedicate the pin to loved ones who may have helped them through nursing school. "This ceremony will be an exciting event with many joyful tears!" Cooper said.

Three speakers will reflect on class accomplishments throughout their time in the nursing program including fourth-semester student Theron Ririe; nursing instructor Marie Koenings, and nurse/critical care director Rae Anne White of Cheyenne Regional Medical Center.

The students will then take the Florence Nightingale pledge. Once each student has been called and pinned, the ceremony will conclude with words from the nursing director and other staff.

History traditionally called for students to wear the nurse whites and nursing caps; however, they have been replaced by white labcoats to represent professionalism and unity among nurses.

The Florence Nightingale pledge, which the nurses will take at the ceremony, dates to the famed British nurse who selflessly served sick and wounded soldiers in the Crimean War. Nightingale earned the nickname "the lady with the lamp" while making her late-night rounds treating soldiers and made the lamp the icon of nurses.

The lamp is said always to shine brightly as a symbol of the care and devotion the nurse administers to the sick and injured in the practice of nursing. Refreshments will follow the ceremony.