College council seeks feedback on civility statement

By Katie Blaser

At Laramie County Community College the civility statement has been discussed in detail throughout this semester and may be on its way out.

According to an email from Jodi Weppner, College Council president, the group is looking for feedback on whether it should decide to eliminate the statement altogether.

According to Dr. John Sanford, a member of the College Council, representing the faculty, other procedures as well as statements in the college's mission statement and the accompanying vision and values statements cover the issue.

Leif Swanson, English instructor, who has been working on revising the civility statement, said he would be "happy with it not being there."

Swanson said he doesn't think LCCC necessarily needs a civility statement. "We should use good common sense and be professional," he said.

Swanson said he hoped the limiting of free speech and academic freedom on campus will end as a result of omitting the statement altogether.

To receive input, College Council is hoping to reach faculty and staff through Eagle's Eye and reach students through Associated Student Government.

Once the council receives substantial feedback, it will discuss the issue at a meeting and ultimately make a decision on what it should request to do with the civility statement.