College to host stress relief events leading up to finals

By Cody Medrano

Final exams for the fall 2011 semester are approaching Laramie County Community College.

This could be considered a tough time for a lot of students. So to remedy this situation, Campus Activities Board will hold its annual Fuel for Finals event to relieve stress for students.

Rather than one event, Fuel for Finals is a number of activities that take place near finals week.

The events will be as follows:

Any LCCC student may participate in these free events.

“These events are held to give students an opportunity to unwind and take a break from the stress that comes with finals week,” Zeke Sorenson, administrative assistant of campus living and learning, said. “This gives students the opportunity and reminder to take a break and take care of their wellness needs, which often gets overshadowed by finals and finishing up their classes for the semester.”