Nov. 9, 2012, 3 p.m.

LCCC helps Santa out

Despite the incessant holiday music that drives some of us bonkers, we are approaching that magical time to celebrate with loved ones and enjoy the fantastic food. It is a time to lean back and thank all the wonderful people in your life and take a breath of crisp, cold winter air just to relax.

It is a time to gather gifts under the tree and enjoy the sweets. However, some are not as fortunate to have all these wonderful luxuries to celebrate the holidays.

So Laramie County Community College has a way to step in and help those families who are less fortunate. The Giving Tree is an annual event supported by individuals on campus, different clubs and the Campus Activity Board so that students who are low-income or struggling with money can let go of their pride to ask for help with getting gifts for their children or loved ones for the holidays.

Anyone can sign up in the LCCC Welcome Center by putting their loved one’s sex, age and favorite items on a tag. Then this tag is hung on a tree in the Student Services Building where others can select it to purchase a gift anonymously. The person then puts his purchased gift with the tag on it under the tree for the Christmas party on Dec. 13 in the commons, where Santa and Mrs. Claus will make an appearance, and snacks, music and games will be available to enjoy the celebration of giving. The Giving Tree has helped an average of 30 families a year.

“Every tag is always taken care of, and no one is ever left out,” Allen Price, manager for transitional services, said. This is something special that LCCC takes pride in. “We are a school that takes pride in helping others and always looking out for our fellow students or faculty members,” Price said.