Nov. 28, 2012, 10:55 p.m.

College enlists consultant group to assist with financial aid

At the Nov. 28 Laramie County Community College Board of Trustees’ meeting, the trustees approved the administration’s entering into a contract with EC Group, LLC for financial aid oversight and policy development.

President Joe Schaffer said with the current financial aid director, Jennifer Almli, in leaving her position Nov. 30 and with another position in the financial aid office open, the need for help now is critical.

It was also announced Jenny Hargett, dean of enrollment services, was stepping down to take a position in LCCC’s human resources office.

To help with the vacancies, Schaffer said the college plans to bring in a financial aid consultant from EC Group, LLC for about six months at the rate of $16,000 a month, for $96,000 overall. He said this group was already conducting an audit of the LCCC financial aid program so it was a good choice.

Schaffer said they will try to fill the position in four months if possible and added with the two vacant positions the salary saved from those would help cover about 80 percent of the projected cost of bringing in professional help.

LCCC’s vice president of student services, Judy Hay, said bringing in a financial aid consultant who has expertise in this field and is highly qualified would be very beneficial to the college. Hay added the director of the financial aid office is leaving to take a job closer to her home, one of the financial aid technicians is on maternity leave, and the another technician position is open. Hay said the professional will fill in the director position, and the technician position will remain open.

Schaffer said this will not fix all of the problems in the financial aid office, but “when they leave, we will have a road map to follow to get in the right direction.” He added bringing in professional help would be a great opportunity for LCCC while the college looks for new people the hire for the positions available.

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