Nov. 30, 2012, 2:27 p.m.

Status of Student Veterans of America organization is up to students

The volunteer coordinator for the veterans outreach has discontinued his work on the Laramie County Community College campus effective Nov. 30. Bill Breeden was brought to campus through his affiliation with a service concerned with veterans’ mental health issues. This service found little to no response, and, therefore, his services were no longer needed, Judy Hay, LCCC vice president of student services, said.

“There are no hard feelings here,” Breeden said. Breeden, as a veteran, understood the take back by veterans when the program was affiliated with mental health issues, but this was the capacity in which he was brought to the college.

Breeden said he will always be approachable for any veteran who needs his help, but his time at LCCC has ended. Breeden liked helping fellow veterans, but while advising veterans in all works of a life and student life, he was not affiliated directly with the college or the Department of Veterans Affairs in Cheyenne. “I was just helping out and trying to point my fellow veterans in the right direction and to the right person to talk to concerning their benefits,” Breeden added. The veterans outreach center will remain open. “I am open to hear ideas as to what student veterans really need from us and where their interests lay in a veterans association,” Hay said.

Currently, there is little to no participation from students in the Student Veterans of America organization on campus, and its future depends upon students and their interests.