New kid on the block

After weeks of campaigning and waiting for the votes to come in, Don Erickson became one of the Laramie County Community College’s new members on its board of trustees.

Erickson said his immediate priority was to be a quick learner and study the issues at hand. Erickson said he felt his background and involvement with the community, particularly as a former mayor, would help with the “Building Forward” plan and setting strategy and marketing.

He said he was also interested in improving intramural sports and having and supporting a full-time athletics director.

He said he was concerned about keeping the cost of tuition down for students. Erickson said the issues about student fees, which came up in the October candidates’ forum, for financing the residence hall “doesn’t track with me that that type of income would be used for residences, which is just a certain part of the students.”

He said he wanted to make himself more familiar with many more issues. “I’m the new kid on the block,” Erickson said, “and it’s going to take some time for me to be part of the team.”

He was working on knowing more people around the college and wanted to be more involved with the staff and students. “I think I have to earn my spurs,” Erickson said. Erickson said he would study hard to prepare himself for his upcoming term.