Nov. 12, 2012, 5 p.m.

SGA wants student input

At the Nov. 6 meeting the Student Government Association celebrated the success of one bash and the preparation for another.

The Halloween Bash put on was considered successful by SGA, as it gave the students and faculty the chance to get into the Halloween spirit.

With that over, SGA moved to celebrating Veterans’ Day. The students of SGA volunteered at the flag-raising ceremony to help support the honoring of our veterans.

Vice President of Student Services, Judy Hay, was also present at the meeting. According to Hay, an architect is coming on Nov. 20 to appraise the student lounge and the main entryway to the college for renovation. A survey is being conducted until Nov. 18 on EaglesEye about what students would like to see in the lounge.

Student Government Association