Albany county campus to discontinue servicing wind turbine

The associate vice president at the Albany County Campus has recommended that Laramie County Community College discontinue servicing the wind turbine on the campus in Laramie. The wind turbine’s last repair was in August.

Dr. Lynn Stalnaker, associate vice president at ACC, said the ACC’s wind turbine was built several decades ago, and because of its age, it has needed multiple repairs.

The wind turbine was used to supply electrical energy to the campus and helped students learn about wind energy. The turbine was part of a grant used as part of the original construction.

The ACC Nordtank wind turbine produces 65 kilowatts at 33 mph and was originally built in the Medicine Bow area. Stalnaker said it continues to have mechanical problems because of its age and outdated technology. Stalnaker said turbines today have advanced so much technologically that it would not be useful as a teaching resource. However, the turbine tower is being considered for tower climbing training and safety for the wind turbine program in Cheyenne.

Because parking is limited at the ACC, Stalnaker said he is considering ways to increase parking spaces. But because the turbine will not be removed, the area will not be turned into parking space.