Undead cast reunites for third season


The world as we know it has ended. A mysterious outbreak turned the global population into flesh-eating zombies, and only a few survivors are left. If you could choose whom you would keep around, who would it be? How about a couple of former police officers or maybe a rugged hunter good with a crossbow? How about a 10-year-old kid?

“The Walking Dead” has assembled these people along with many others to show how they survived when the zombie apocalypse happened.

“The Walking Dead,” a hugely popular television series on the AMC network, began Oct. 10, 2010, and is now on its third season. The show, based off an acclaimed comic book series by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard, follows a group of survivors after a zombie apocalypse.

Since the show first aired, its audience has grown bigger and bigger, breaking multiple viewing records with each season.

Life during, after zombie outbreak

The show itself is dark, gory, violent and mostly a realistic take on what could happen in a zombie outbreak. The show follows a broad cast of characters as they struggle to survive not only with flesh-eating zombies but also with one another. The emotional center of the series revolves around the main character Rick Grimes, a former sheriff, as the audience’s eyes into the story.

The first episodes followed Grimes as he awoke in a hospital bed with no recollection of the outbreak. The audience is then introduced to Grimes in this new world as he sets out to find his wife and young son.

Thus this introduction to this man’s world in which he will do anything to find and protect his family is the backbone to the show.

So how did a television show based on a black and white comic book become such a phenomenon?

Famous director took comic book series to screen

Early buzz can be attributed to the involvement of director Frank Darabont, Academy Award- and Golden Globe-nominated director of “The Shawshank Redemption” and “The Green Mile.” He’s credited as the one who developed this series and actually directed the pilot episode. His involvement certainly gave this series its initial buzz and made critics excited.

When the show finally aired, it earned fantastic reviews and attracted record-breaking numbers.

Midway through the second season, it was announced Darabont was leaving the show. For many this was a worrying revelation because he had so much input into the series.

Fears subsided as the season continued, and the show kept becoming better and better.

This can be attributed not only to the great cast but also to the award-winning talents behind the camera. Notably was Gregory Nicotero, a co-producer and the special effects makeup designer whose zombie makeup has made the show’s zombies stand out in such a zombie-saturated culture.

Show interprets comic book series close enough for fans

The show also appeals to fans of the comic because the show has taken a lot of liberties with the material. It features new or changed plots from the book, new and excluded characters. While these changes may offend diehard fans, it gives them more to enjoy from the series because they are not seeing a repeat of what they read in the comics.

This show has done what a lot of adaptations have failed—taking an existing property and adding its own spin to make it stand out. The show is about people surviving in a world where the dead have risen from the grave and begun eating the living, so, of course, it features a lot of violence and death.

The show truly pulls no punches when it comes to the violence, and it is not suited for younger viewers. But the violence is created by the drama in the show, not the other way around.

So while “The Walking Dead” features a lot of violence and action, the real draw and soul of the show are the people. The relationships between the characters and the drama are what keep viewers watching the show. The struggles of Rick Grimes and the group are what keep people watching…with a little blood and guts thrown in for good measure.

Every death or revelation of a character is saved for the final minutes of an episode and is what keeps viewers returning week after week to see what happens next.

“The Walking Dead” is a violent, gory, emotional ride, and viewers love every minute of it.

The Walking Dead