Nov. 8 3:58 p.m.

Horse judging team faces tough competition, but manages top 10

The Laramie County Community College horse judging team had its first competition at the All-American Quarter Horse Congress Intercollegiate and Youth Judging Contest in Ohio on Oct. 13-18.

The competition attracted 10 two-year college teams from across the nation for 38 contestants total. The teams, ranging from four to five people, were judged and placed into four halter classes and eight performance classes. Also for the Congress contest individuals gave five sets of oral reasons to explain why they placed certain classes the way they did.

The LCCC horse judging team as a team placed No. 7 overall in halter, No. 6 in overall performance, No. 6 overall in reasons and No. 6 overall as a team. The team was made up of Amanda Heller, Mary Penner, Shannon Smith and Trinity Zollinger. Heller placed individually 36th-overall halter, 26th-overall performance, 20th-overall reasons and 29th-overall.

Penner placed individually No. 5 overall halter, 17th-overall performance, 19th-overall reasons and 13th-overall.

Smith placed individually 27th-overall halter, 36th-overall performance, 36th-overall reasons and 36th-overall.

Zollinger placed individually 33rd-overall halter, 20th-overall performance, 23rd-overall performance and 21st-overall.