Posted at 9:38 p.m., Dec. 3, 2014

President concerned about possible developemental education defunding

During the Dec. 3 Board of Trustees’ meeting Laramie County Community College’s president highlighted three main legislative issues for community colleges at the upcoming legislative session.

Dr. Joe Schaffer said the colleges’ No. 1 concern was to reconcile the funding model. They would like the ability to eliminate enrollment growth funding as a budget exception request and replace it with a fixed appropriation for two biennia.

The second issue mentioned was to seek additional state funds for matching private gifts to the LCCC Foundation. This would mean if a gift were given to LCCC by a private donor, the state of Wyoming would match the donated funds.

College works to strengthen UW relationship

The final issue the president mentioned was trying to be a more active participant in the conversation about transfer students. With talks of constructing new buildings for LCCC use on the University of Wyoming Laramie campus, the board would like to continue to build its relationship with UW to assist students looking to transfer to a four-year college.

Schaffer also mentioned three items to watch for during the upcoming legislative session. The first was the fear of defunding developmental education courses among community colleges, which he called “an aggressive approach to driving change.” This has come up previously before the Legislature.

The second item involves UW’s proposal to fund a program that would place nursing faculty into the nursing programs at each of the seven Wyoming community colleges. The final item to watch for is dealing with statute change on community college program changes.

The Legislature convenes on Jan. 13.