Posted at 12:50 p.m., Nov. 19, 2014

SGA Math

Math skills:

Kathleen Hathaway, left, Dean McIntire, right, explain the new math pathways that will be in effect next fall to SGA members.

Photo by Sam Weaver

SGA discuss new math pathway system

Two Laramie County Community College officials explained the new math pathways system at the Nov. 18 Student Government Association meeting.

There will be four pathways implemented to accommodate the different degrees. According to Kathleen Hathaway, dean of the math and sciences school, and Dean McIntire, math lab coordinator, the pathways will tailor to the math required for jobs in degree fields. There will be a statway, quantway, algebraway and stemway for statistics, problem solving, algebra and calculus respectively. The pathways have three classes, two intermediate and one credit course. Students can test into the credit course, or, if the scores are too low, they will be placed into a noncredit intermediate course.

Currently, two intermediate math classes feed into all the other math courses. Starting next fall, the intermediate courses will feed directly into the required credit course in the pathway. This is designed to set the student up for success when he takes the credit course.

Courses will be face to face

Students will now also take math courses with other students of the same degree. This way, McIntire said he hoped students can build better relationships with their peers and have productive study sessions. The courses will be face to face courses as well. There will still be homework and required lab time, but the courses will be mainly classroom time instead of online videos and lab hours.

McIntire said the current math requirements have clashed with the University of Wyoming’s, making transferring math credits a hassle. He said he hoped the new pathways will line up with UW’s degree requirements to make the transfer progress seamless.

The new math design will be fully implemented by fall 2015. This will not interfere with students who have already completed their math requirements.

In other business, SGA will send out a survey over EaglesEye to obtain information on how to increase student involvement at events.

The second chili cookoff is Thursday, Nov. 20, in the Student Lounge from 11:30-1 p.m. SGA will provide a dish and encouraged students to attend and grab a taste.