Posted at 2:30 p.m., Dec. 8, 2015

Funding set for current construction projects

Shari Johnson

Further Construction:

Construction in progress already funded.


Because of an economic downturn of roughly $600 million over the next three fiscal years, Laramie County Community College’s plans for future construction may be affected.

A new residence hall, Fine Arts building and Physical Education gym are just a few of several future construction plans made by LCCC. Though these projects have been recommended by the Board of Trustees, the main issue concerning construction is the distribution of funding.

Retired vice president of Administration and Financial Services Carol Hoglund explained the three- to four-year process of getting the construction of a building approved. “We just went to the State Building Commission meeting in October,” Hoglund said. “It was stated that there would be funding in this next biennium for the standard budget, but there wouldn’t be money for construction. What we would do is keep taking it back until we actually got funding for it.”

When asked what LCCC could do to gain funding, Hoglund discussed how fundraising was essential in the construction of the buildings. “The Physical Education gym would solely be funded by fundraising; no government money would be used in its creation.”

Despite these financial issues, current projects such as the new Student Services Center and FlexTech building will not be affected by the economic downturn. According to the Director of Plant Operations, Tim MacNamara, “The money for these projects has already been appropriated.”

The dean of Arts and Humanities Daniel Powell is eager for a new Fine Arts building in hopes of creating more space. “There is limited space in the current Fine Arts building,” Powell said. “We demonstrated a need to get this new building’s construction underway. If it doesn’t work this year we will keep trying.”

Updates on current construction projects are posted regularly on the LCCC website under the “Construction Update” tab.

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