Posted at 2:14 p.m., Dec. 1, 2015

Students present president with concerns

Discuss campus safety and technical difficulties

Laramie County Community College’s president attended the Nov. 19 Student Government Association meeting to listen to additional concerns from students that were gathered during the SGA-hosted meet-and-greet on Nov. 5 at the SGA desk near the Student Lounge.

LCCC President Dr. Joe Schaffer said he had followed up on the previous concerns mentioned during the Oct. 22 SGA meeting regarding the issue of campus safety and security cameras. Senator Daniel Johnson wanted to know what the campus was doing to improve safety after a handful of incidents on campus, including vehicle and property theft.

Schaffer contacted LCCC Vice President Rick Johnson and Campus Safety and said they are currently looking at camera placement and functionality. But they are struggling with fully staffing Campus Safety because of the competitiveness of the job market.

3“James Crosby, director of Campus Safety, came to our president’s cabinet meeting on Tuesday (Nov. 17) and went through a series of recommendations and things they’re working on,” Schaffer said. He added that if Campus Safety were to do more random stops in the evening, as suggested by Senator Jericho Goss during the Nov. 17 meeting, and students were to get upset at this new policy, that SGA would back the decision.

SGA President Danielle Kienzle continued with additional concerns: Wi-Fi issues in the Residence Halls, previously mentioned at the Oct. 22 meeting, were addressed.

Schaffer said the college has been given a proposal to increase the ability to handle so many different devices connecting to the Internet at one time, but the installation costs are “astronomical.” Schaffer said the college did not want this because that cost increase would fall back on to students. He said the good news is the college believes it will eventually get to the point of having better Internet access, however, it was going to take a while.

The next concern was the user-friendliness of online math courses to give students practice on coursework. Kienzle said students didn’t like the lack of feedback the programs would give students after they failed a problem.

Schaffer told Kienzle he would need to know exactly which program the students were having issues with in order to address the problem since each math course uses a different program. Schaffer asked the senators to find 10 students who can offer him experiences, recommendations and ideas for what students want to see fixed.

Another concern from students was the lack of availability adjunct teachers have. Kienzle said the teachers don’t provide office hours or a phone number for students to contact them with questions. They are forced to send the teacher an email, and they don’t always hear back from the teachers in a timely manner. Kienzle said SGA plans to speak with deans from the different schools to find which specific departments this is occurring in.

Kienzle also said students had provided some input about going either to a tobacco-free campus or more thoroughly enforcing the “no smoking within 30 feet of the building” rule in light of the recent complaints Schaffer mentioned in an email he sent to the LCCC Distribution list on Nov. 12. People have been complaining about the smell of cigarette smoke coming into the building near the entrances and exits.

Schaffer said the campus is going to figure out a way to anchor the smoking urns down, but if they can’t reign in the problem and get people to comply then the campus will move to being tobacco-free, including chewing tobacco.

Additional concerns included:

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