Posted at 5 p.m. Dec. 12, 2016

In other action at the Nov. 30 Board
of Trustees meeting:

College board declares financial emergency

Board Treasurer Don Erickson made a motion to amend the Emeritus Designation Policy. In a section of the policy, it states, “A Trustee is considered to be retired when he/she has fulfilled at least two full terms on the Board and has elected to serve no further.” Erickson asked to change, “…and has elected to serve no further” to “…and serves on the board no longer” for better clarity.

Trustee Brenda Lyttle made a motion to amend the Board Self-Evaluation Policy. It states in the policy that Board members will perform a self-evaluation in the fall but didn’t specify exactly which months. Lyttle voted to amend the policy to say, “at least once a year in the months of October or November” for better clarity.

they have to actually act before, so I can’t just go and start saying, ‘there’s no money coming from the governor, so you lose your job and you lose your job,’” Schaffer said. “The board has to say, ‘this is why we need to move in that direction…’ So, per their policy, they have to declare it for me to actually go in and implement changes that would impact personnel.”

Schaffer said that if the board had not made the

declaration, it would have been a violation of board policy.

“The other thing I think they wanted was to make that declaration to be very close to the recommendations of how we would balance the budget,” Schaffer said. “So it was really more of a personal, philosophical approach about when to declare it. Ultimately, we knew we had to deal with it as soon as we got the governor’s letter.”

Schaffer discussed how this declaration differs from the financial emergency declared under former LCCC President Darrel Hammon.

“Not only have we asked the board to declare it, but we’ve actually given them a proposal of what we’re suggesting we’re going to do,” Schaffer said. “Whereas, previously, they got the board to declare it and that just gave the president free reign and then it happened overnight, nobody was aware of it. So it’s really a much more objective, much more transparent, inclusive process.”


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