Sweetgrass construction slated for 2018

Residents of the south side of Cheyenne and Laramie County Community College can expect to see growth in the area. The Sweetgrass development, spearheaded by the Lummis family, is expected to start breaking ground in spring 2018.

The Lummis family have been Cheyenne residents for four generations and owns several acres of land used for agricultural purposes. Soon, however, the land use will change. The family has decided to develop 2,349.5 acres (3.67 square miles) of the family’s ranchland to add to the South side Cheyenne community.

The development started as a county project, but like any other development hinged on the availability of a sewer and water infrastructures. The land is located just outside of the city lines and is currently in the stages of being annexed into the city in order to be serviced with water and sewer by the city’s Board of Public Utilities. The BPU is working on the infrastructure for the development so that the land can be annexed into the city. Annexation is expected to be done in small portions with Phase 1 annexed with sewer and water available by the end of 2017.

The project spokesperson, Annaliese Wiederspahn, said the Sweetgrass development is proposed to be undertaken in phases with Phase 1 projected to start in spring 2018, starting with high density residential units, such as apartments, duplexes, and condos and commercial properties. These properties will be closer to College Avenue across the street from LCCC. Lower density residential units will also be built in Phase 1 and planned to be located further south in the development away from College Avenue. Phase 1 is planned to take two-to-five years for development.

The Sweetgrass development is still in the planning stages with pre-articulated land use sketched out so that appropriate planning can be done for the needs of the community. The sketch will also help the city anticipated and plan for the changes in city services, such as police and fire duties.

Wiederspahn and the Lummis family are working closely with the city and trying to be good stewards of their land while doing something positive for the city, specifically the south side of Cheyenne.

Information about the Sweetgrass development can be found online at www.sweetgrasswy.com. Wiederspahn encourages the public to visit the website and leave their comments.

“The more we can hear what the community at LCCC would like to see, the better,” Wiederspahn said. “The more we know what the need is the more we can accommodate it.”