Women's Basketball to make a comeback

Laramie County Community College is the only college in Region IX that does not have a women’s basketball team. Since athletics were brought back to LCCC in 2002, several of the teams have thrived, but women’s basketball has never even been restarted.

Athletic Director Jason Ficca said, “It’s no secret that we want that,” regarding a women’s basketball team. He said he felt it was coming closer to a reality, as rumors of the team have circulated for years, but now the time is coming.

“I think the discussion has more merit,” Ficca said. He said the college would need to do a feasibility study in the coming months to see how the college could get a team. Ficca said it was one of his main charges to put together a plan for women’s basketball, and one of his priorities is to offer opportunities to student athletes.

The big three sports in Region IX of the National Junior College Athletic Association are men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball, and Ficca wants to tackle these core sports to get LCCC at full competition with the other colleges in the region.

The biggest problem with fielding a women’s team has been the constant turnover in campus leadership. Ficca commented, “You have to start the conversation all over again.” He said it takes time, and infrastructure concerns exist. In addition, federal Title IX issues must be addressed concerning scholarships. Housing would also be difficult because LCCC is at full capacity in the dorms, so some changes would have to be made there as well.

Women’s basketball is not the only sport that has been discussed for addition. Ficca said both wrestling and swimming have been proposed. Both Northwest College and Western Wyoming Community College have wrestling in Region IX, and with the wealth of wrestling talent in Wyoming, LCCC could assemble a solid team on the mat. Ficca said the problem with swimming, however, is no Region IX team has a swim team, so finding competition would be tough.

“How do we do it, and when do we do it” is what Ficca said regarding the sports additions. With the growth LCCC has shown in the past few years, it is highly likely more sports will be added. In the past, LCCC has an extremely competitive golf team, but it hasn’t yet to be resurrected after the athletics hiatus.

As the college grows, athletics have a strong potential for growth. In the end, Ficca said, “What is good for the college is good for athletics.”