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HVAC instructor hired

By Matt Laubach
Co-Photo Editor

Laramie County Community College has hired a new HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) coordinator.

Robert McNabb, who recently retired from the Air Force as a master sergeant, worked part time at LCCC as an adjunct instructor. McNabb said his interview for the full-time job went phenomenally, and he received the job with great intentions to maximize efficiency and expand the HVAC lab to accommodate every student who has interest in succeeding in the HVAC program.

McNabb attended high school in Albuquerque, where he made his high school's honor roll during his 11th- and 12th-grades.

He said he then proceeded to enrich his life by joining the Air Force as a space and missile facility specialist. He worked with power, HVAC and launch entries for the nuclear missile silos.

McNabb spent 22 years in the military before deciding to retire. His first assignment was at F.E. Warren AFB, where he spent nine of his 22 years. He met his wife, Dawn, during his tour at Warren.

McNabb furthered his career by receiving orders to Vandenberg AFB in California to be an instructor. He spent four years there, before returning to Warren, where McNabb noticed a huge demand for young and intelligent hard workers with an industrial background because the main industrial workforce was retiring.

McNabb has 15 years of college under his belt with studies ranging from general studies to industrial technology. He attended college at LCCC, Louisiana State University and Southern Illinois University. He said his plan is to attend the University of Wyoming for his master's degree.

McNabb has three children, starting with his youngest, Emily, 2, who was born in Cheyenne; Elizabeth, 9; and Christopher, 12.

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