I do not heart radio

Spotify way to go!


College students always love to listen to music. For this generation, music can be classified as life. And, with life comes homework.
Music, to me, is just needed in order to bear the sheer torture of having to do homework in the first place. I could even go as far as to say music is partially responsible for what makes the world go round.

However, with music comes the debate about which medium to use. Some choose their portable MP3 players; others choose their phone, and still others choose the old-school CDs or, dare I say, tapes or eight-tracks. But I feel the medium most widely used and explored is Internet streaming as an easy-access mode to listen to favorite tunes as well as to the wide variety it provides. The newest and most popular means of streaming music through the Internet are I Heart Radio and Spotify.

I Heart Radio

I Heart Radio is a website where, much like Pandora, you can create your own station. I Heart Radio is also capable of letting listeners tune into local participating radio stations as well as stations users have created and personalized. When I am doing my homework, I will typically use I Heart Radio to listen to my favorite local radio station easily with good quality sound. I, however, don’t particularly find the “user-created” radio stations to my liking because I always find myself clicking on a “user-created” radio station because its title sounded intriguing or the artist it was created for is of interest to me but later find disappointment because most stations lack variety or have too much variety. With I Heart Radio, it’s always one extreme to another, never in between.



Many Facebook users go to Spotify to stream music, but I never really gave it a try myself, thinking it would be much like the disappointment of I Heart Radio. After researching a little, I found Spotify is a program you must download. Spotify is much like iTunes and Pandora combined. Users can search songs, make playlists, share music and find out others’ musical taste. For a “make-your-own” radio station guide, it is very nice. The sound quality is also very high, and the music selected plays almost instantly.
The only problem I had with Spotify is when you search for a song you want to play, it gives you so many suggestions, it is hard to filter them.

In the end if I absolutely had to choose, I would select Spotify because when I open the program, it is an inviting view and easily navigated. I Heart Radio has a weird color scheme to it, and I feel as if I’m lost easily when I open the page.
If you are one for purely Internet streaming and not downloading, I would instead choose I Heart Radio, but if you are willing to download the small program of Spotify, it is well worth it and will keep you organized and up-to-date with the latest and greatest music and the oldies but goodies. Spotify has a very wide musical selection, and even though it lacks local radio stations to stream, it is still a wonderful mean for streaming program to listen to while doing grueling college homework.

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