College instructors to present musical talents


Want to see what the Laramie County Community College music instructors really know? Well, on Sunday, Feb. 12, at St. Marks’s Episcopal Church, the LCCC music faculty will perform their favorite pieces for LCCC students and the community.

“The recital gives our students and the community a chance to see and hear the quality musicians who are teaching here,” Nancy Cornish, LCCC choir director, said.

Even though Cornish expected more instructors to sign up, so far John Hillabolt, LCCC piano teacher, will play the organ; Leslie Harrison, LCCC aural theory and Celtic Ensemble teacher, will play the flute; Kristin Douglas, LCCC counselor and music teacher, will play the cello; Patrick Stolz, St. Mary’s School music teacher, St. Mary’s Cathedral music director and LCCC voice and guitar teacher, will sing bass/baritone; Jane Miller will play the flute; Sheila Green will play the piano; and David Shaul will be on harp.

Even though these people have very busy live they still find time to practice for the recital because “music is so important to them” Cornish said.

For the recital, each instructor participating chooses his or her favorite piece to perform.

music notes

“Some of the music is of a classical nature such as a ‘Toccata’ by Bach for the organ, a sonata for cello and piano by Brahms and a vocal solo by Beethoven,” Cornish said. Some of the music is traditional in nature such as ‘Ar Mezvier/Gavotte des Montagnes’ (Breton traditional) and ‘Trip to Birmingham’ (Irish traditional).”

Cornish said LCCC has had a faculty recital each semester for the past three years, and because music majors must perform for the faculty during the semester for a grade, it is a great opportunity for the students to hear their instructors doing the tasks that the instructors have been trying to get them to do all semester.

“With the recital, students get the chance to hear how good they could be if they just work hard and practice often. They come away inspired and motivated,” Cornish said.

In preparation for the recital, Cornish started by finding a church that has great acoustics, a good piano and a Sunday afternoon available. The chosen church is then contracted so those participants can utilize the church’s facilities for rehearsing and performance.

Once everything is set up with the church, the LCCC instructors are invited to participate in the recital. After the instructors accept the invitation, they are put on the program and then go to the church for rehearsal to get the feel of the acoustics.

A few hours before the actual recital, all those participating go to the church to ensure everything is set up, the lights are just right and the programs are available for the audience. Then it is time to perform.

The recital is at 3 p.m. on Feb. 12, and admission is free although donations for NEEDS are accepted.

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