CMC Route, Mt. Moran

Joe Arnold's "CMC Route, Mt. Moran"


Painters vistas
to hang in gallery

A Laramie artist who himself summits mountains has used his unique perspective to paint broad landscapes.

Joe Arnold’s paintings will be on display at Laramie County Community College’s Esther and John Clay Fine Arts Gallery in the Fine Arts Building from March 6–28.

In addition, Arnold will be on campus at noon on Thursday, March 6, for a reception.

Arnold has been making art since his childhood and graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia in 1977. After moving to his current home in Laramie, Wyo., Arnold found his niche in sweeping mountain vistas.

“My goal is to capture the spirit of the place, a view like no other,” Arnold said. “It elevates the soul above the petty things below and the hassles of life.”

He’s also released a book about his ascent of the Tetons called “Mountaineer’s Dawn.”

“I paint it because I like the challenge of it,” Arnold said. “To represent these views, you have to do weird things with perspective because of the landscape way below your feet. It goes out into the plains next to the mountains, and because of the typical composition, I really like the challenge of that.” Arnold explained he paints large pictures, some 8-feet-wide, because it’s an epic view hard to constrain.

“Most people do things from a parking lot, but I want to challenge myself, and I’ve enjoyed that as an artist,” Arnold said.

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