Trae Myers


Computer enthusiasts find new hope

Just finished a 20-page paper, and the computer crashes. The last save was hours ago.

Once the computer powers up, Microsoft Office recovers most of the paper, but some is still left to redo. There isn’t much to do now, but these few simple steps can save your paper.

• First, save often. It is one of the easiest--but often forgotten--steps to take. No control is relinquished; however it was written is how it will be. But because it is so often forgotten, Microsoft developed the next tip.

• AutoSave more frequently. Under File> Options> Save set the autorecover feature to save more frequently. The default is once every 10 minutes. This only helps if the computer crashes; a save is still needed if you close normally.

Now if the work disappears, and it’s just gone, here are a few more tips.

• Check the recycle bin. Most of the time someone just hit the delete button by accident, and the file is setting there waiting for you to come and get it.

• Use a data recovery tool. Many data recovery tools are available. Recuva® is a well-reviewed tool available at It allows searches for specific filetypes in specific folders or a general search to find anything it can recover. Perfect for finding lost documents and pictures.

• Sell your soul. If all else fails, you can sell you soul to the devil to pay for a data recovery company physically to scan your drive using advance techniques potentially to recover what is missing.

Clean your system:

• Defrag. Windows comes with a wonderful program that does this. It takes all the files and makes sure all the pieces are right next to one another.

• Run a Registry Cleaner. Ccleaner is a good cleaning tool that is available at It removes the junk built up in the Windows brain, so to say.

• Antispyware-Antivirus-Antimalware. Viruses are terrible. But needing a specific program for each of these is a thing of the past. AVG 2014 Free edition is one of the highest-rated programs, but the clinching feature is its ability to run on everything. Literally everything. If it were possible to run this on a bagel, you could do it. Protect your computer, your phone, your tablet, and anything else that might need protecting. Go to, and download this now. Also a word of caution: Even though it comes on many computers, Norton is not highly recommended. To be honest, its use is often advised against.

• Run a Firewall. A firewall has a very simple idea. Imagine a wall of fire that allows only what you want to go through. Zonealarm is free and one of the longest produced. It keeps the computer safe even if a hijacking virus is on it. Stop by and stop hackers in their tracks.

Although these tips may not solve every problem, they may make some of the problems easier to live with. Don’t let computer crashes take control of your life.