Christopher Camphouse

Exercise made easy:

With different activities, Noom Weight Loss Coach customozes to any lifestyle.

Noom aids weight loss

By February, many New Year’s resolution diets have already been dumped. That doesn’t mean they cannot be picked back up.

Noom Weight Loss Coach, a health watch app, can help set students on the right path to succeed.

Available on both Google Play and Apple app stores, Noom’s focus is to keep its users motivated with small, accomplishable, daily tasks.

The first couple of days Noom asks simple questions about your daily lifestyle. From there, it helps personalize the content it sends you such as health articles and tasks. I liked this part because it has the user fill out what physical exercises can or cannot be done.

When it comes to hitting the gym, Noom is set up so it can record multiple activities like stationary biking, dancing, housecleaning and even horseback riding, just to name a few. Noom lets users set up an exercise schedule at their own pace. It reminds users with one notification at the time a workout was scheduled.

No iPod to listen to while working out? Don’t worry. Noom can access the music of the device at the start of the workout to keep users entertained.

Calorie counter reminds you to eat

Then there is the usual calorie counter made right. For college students, meals are not always a priority. Noom can send reminders for breakfast, lunch and supper including snacks in between. It also has an easy-to-use system log that color-codes the foods. Using green, yellow and red, Noom teaches its users what’s healthy.

By Noom’s standards, 50 percent of the user’s daily meal should fall into the green category, 35 percent in the yellow and 15 percent in the red. Did I hear correctly? I can have something that is “bad” for me while I diet?

The great thing about Noom is it doesn’t focus all on the food. Its goal isn’t to make you feel bad about grabbing that cookie in the dining hall, only to help you become more health conscious and ensure you eat some protein and vegetables.

I think the best part of the app is the short articles on different topics, which Noom sends the user. The articles are written in a way to help encourage the user to keep working on a healthy lifestyle and to show the small steps he can change.

Just the other night, I read about how eating at a table compared to in front of a screen can help my brain realize how much I’m actually eating. After the bottom of these articles are small challenges. That particular one challenged me to eat at a table without electronic distractions. Easy, right?

At the end of the day, all the articles the user read and the exercise and calorie counting add up into points. Get enough points, and the user is moved onto the next level. The app makes the user feel as if he is actively accomplishing his goal, little by little, without having to worry about the dreaded weight scale.

Customizable and fun, Noom is a weight loss app fit for everyone. It’s not too late to take charge of the new year and make that resolution become life-changing for the better.

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