Posted at 12:25 p.m., Jan. 30, 2015


Football is nothing without fans:

Christine Krin, the new cafeteria director, participates in the dining hall's Superbowl tailgate celebration on Jan. 30. Students wearing NFL gear were able to buy lunch at a discounted rate of $5.

Photo by Vycktoryja Selves

Dining hall gains new director

With Laramie County Community College’s cafeteria director position left open by the recent departure of Justin Dreslinski, there has been a great amount of work left to do getting campus food services back up to full speed and running smoothly. No one may fit the role quite so seamlessly as the college’s new general manager Christine Krin.

LCCC contracts a food service and facilities management corporation to provide the college with catering services as well as to operate the dining area and cafeteria on campus. Krin has more than 20 years of experience working with Sodexo, half of that time spent in campus services much like LCCC’s, and a combined total of 40 years working in the food service industry. She takes on the responsibility of feeding the college’s students and faculty, catering many of its special events and, of course, ensuring the safe handling and preparation of all the food that moves through her area.

So far, she said she seems to be settling into the work with a great deal of enthusiasm. “As soon as I was offered the job back in December, I started participating in conference calls for the new building and catering facility,” Krin said. “The great thing about working for Sodexo is I could go wherever my talents take me.”

Even though Krin originally hails from Omaha, Nebraska, she seems to be adjusting well to life and work in Cheyenne. “I was ready for a new position, and I was looking for a nice-sized account that would provide an opportunity for growth for me in an area that was a good match for me and my mother to live.” She said her mother, who is from Kansas, loves wide open spaces, so Krin knew her mother “would love Cheyenne even though the day we drove here it was negative 14 degrees.”

Despite the change in management, Krin was quick to clarify that she was not looking to completely overhaul the way the dining hall operates on campus.

Responsibilities reach further than food

Rather, she is looking to continue the work the previous manager had begun. Krin said, “Justin did a great job, and I hope to build on his programs. I also want to bring more of the Sodexo programs, menus and specials to campus to keep everyone interested and happy.”

Krin also offered specifics of some upcoming menu changes such as the addition of salad and bread sticks to the pizza line and change outs to the current salad bar with a vegan bar. Some new selections have been added to the chef’s table as well.

Although she manages the campus dining area and catering, Krin’s position encompasses far more. “I have a responsibility for budget, human resources, banking, menu planning, catering sales, regulation and safety compliance. It is a lot of hours, but it is still a lot of fun,” she said.

And for those interested in perhaps working in the field, Krin addressed several of the possible routes an up-and-coming food service manager might pursue. Those routes included a variety of degrees and certificates in food service and hotel management.

However, when it comes to Sodexo, more than just certification is taken into account. “I came up through the ranks of food service, working in the field now for over 40 years,” Krin said. “While there are degrees and certificates in food service management, Sodexo also recognizes work experience.”

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