Posted at 12:45 p.m., Feb. 15, 2016

Cyber Security, Homeland program
in need of NSA approval

Cyber and Homeland Security at Laramie County Community College is one of the programs the school is placing much of their focus on. LCCC is hoping to become one of twenty community colleges across the nation to be part of the National Security Agency of Academic Excellence Pogram.

The Cyber Security and Homeland Programs have been available on campus for almost 10 years and LCCC has been building this program to receive approval from the NSA.

“LCCC has applied for the NSA Center of Academic Excellence to give the students an opportunity to become certified Cyber Security professionals,” said Roger Findley from the Homeland Security program on campus. “Here in the United States, we have a huge deficit of qualified cyber security representatives and we want to make sure we are ready to protect the U.S. cyber infrastructure.”

The push for this application to be approved will not only protect our privacy but also our communities.

“Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition is a system or data base that controls more than just us surfing the internet. It controls dams, power grids, and other numerous things we rely on every day,” said Findley. “If our power grids were to be attacked here in Wyoming, it could cause issues and concerns.”

Israel and Ukraine have recently had their power grids attacked. With more data centers being built here in Cheyenne, the more certified cyber security professionals are needed to protect our systems.

“The NSA is the world expert on cyber security. With their seal of approval or accepting of our application, LCCC can become a well-known program for cyber security and bring more potential professionals to protect our state,” said Findley.

Until the application gets approved, Cyber and Homeland Security Studies provides a handful of 8 week programs for our current students. Some of those classes are Intro to Security, Network Defense, and Network. For more information, you can contact James Burghard, the Homeland Security Program Manager, at