Posted at 12:45 p.m., Feb. 15, 2016

Enrollment numbers dip

'Enrollment numbers fluctuate a bit over the semester,' - Judy Hay, Vice president of Student Services

Enrollment reports show Laramie County Community College’s enrollment is increasing as the semester continues.

Vice President of Student Services Judy Hay confirmed that enrollment was down approximately 2 percent for the second week from last year. However, enrollment has picked up to show a 5 percent increase for the third week.

Hay seemed confident that enrollment would continue to pick up. “We have a couple of later-start opportunities still ahead this semester before we will know what our enrollment is this spring,” Hay said.

After confirming the enrollment increase during the third week, Hay said, “Enrollment numbers fluctuate a bit over the semester, and people can get the wrong impression of it if they only look at one of the reports.” Hay mentioned several efforts LCCC makes to increase enrollment, especially when enrollment is down. “We have a strong recruitment program through Admissions for new students,” Hay said. “Our Admissions representatives each have geographical areas they work in to connect with new, prospective students. They have highly developed communication tools they use to stay in contact and make sure those prospective students have the support and information to eventually come to the college when they are ready.”

Some other enrollment-boosting strategies include a more supportive advising model, the addition of an Introduction to College Success course and some changes in the way financial aid and scholarships work to better assist students, Hay said.

“You can see that much of this is new, so not perfect yet,” Hay said. “But truly all aimed at getting the right students here, helping them navigate their degrees or certificates, and to finish what they come to LCCC to do.”

Fall enrollment numbers released

In fall 2015, the official total enrollment was 4,288, which was down 4.6 percent from the previous fall semester. The Cheyenne Campus had an enrollment of 2,425. Enrollment in online courses was 1,676. The Albany County Campus had an enrollment of 708. A total of 116 students were concurrently enrolled in high school and LCCC courses.