Posted at 3 p.m. Jan. 13, 2017

New adventure, tough loss

Student Government adviser moves to the Wyoming Department of Education

Growing individuals and preparing them for their future adventures, especially in leadership, is what Danielle Saulsberry wanted to bring to Laramie County Community College.

Saulsberry is known for mentoring students around campus and helping them fit in, some of her former students said, adding that she built a strong student leadership team that created an atmosphere of putting students first on campus. She left her position as the adviser for the Student Government Association in December.

Saulsberry began working at LCCC in September of 2007 as a preschool teacher in the Children’s Discovery Center. In July of 2008, she moved to the Records Office and finally ended up in Student Life as the program manager for Student Leadership and Involvement in February of 2009.

Saulsberry is now working for the Wyoming Department of Education, where she is a consultant. She manages instructional facilitators around the state. Saulsberry is also working with the state GEAR UP program. This program is a federally funded, statewide grant that is focused on Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs.

Saulsberry wasn’t looking to leave LCCC, but the managers at the DOE contacted her about the position after receiving a recommendation. The decision was tough to make, but “I spoke to them about the position and it seemed like a really great fit,” Saulsberry said.

“I loved many aspects of my position at LCCC, but working closely with the students at the Leadership Retreat/Institute was a very special time for me,” Saulsberry said.

The Leadership Retreat consisted of leadership groups coming from all of the community colleges in Wyoming and taking part in different leadership activities.

“Her ability to put it all together and have leaders from most groups on campus was no easy task. After the conference, leadership change was noticed throughout the campus,” Garrett Wilkerson said. Wilkerson is ex-officio of the SGA, where he met Saulsberry.

Saulsberry became a part of SGA when she became the program manager for Student Leadership and Involvement. Through this, Saulsberry became more involved with the students.

“With her being the head of student leadership and involvement, it was more comfortable for students to reach out to her,” Wilkerson said.

“Danielle is approachable, kind, selfless, focused, and inspirational,” SGA president Robert Swank said.

Not only has Saulsberry been there for SGA, but she has also been very influential in students’ lives on campus. “Danielle has personally helped me throughout my time here at LCCC getting involved and becoming less of a shy person,” Wilkerson said. “She helped me solve problems that came about, which brought me to be a better leader for the campus.”

“Danielle has been an amazing resource for myself. She has provided years of leadership experience and life experience to help my president position on SGA,” Swank said.

Leaving a place that you have been for so long also brings some challenges. The thing Saulsberry said she will miss the most is, “without a doubt, the students.” The best part of working at LCCC was “seeing all of the hard work students put into their education, and watching them walk across the stage on graduation day,” Saulsberry said.

Saulsberry was known as a leader on this campus “because no matter what task she is given, she is able to accomplish it on time or ahead of time. Her drive and ambition was always noticeable and inspired everyone around her,” Wilkerson said.

“Danielle would not tell the student the answers or do their work, but instead would help guide and mentor students across campus,” Swank said.

Aside from her work life, Saulsberry watches a lot of sports. “I love college basketball … especially University of Kentucky basketball,” Saulsberry said. Since her husband is also the assistant mens’ basketball coach at LCCC, she goes to almost all home games as well.

“She was always there to help students no matter what the reason was and there is no doubt that she will continue to be the great person that she is, in her next adventure,” Wilkerson said.