Posted at 3 p.m. Jan. 13, 2017

The Pantry is open to help with students'
food or hygiene needs

When hunger pains set in and times are getting tough, Laramie County Community College’s Pantry has students covered.

Starting in 2013, the Pantry was established to aid students in need of food and hygiene items.

“We offer food and personal hygiene items to students who need it,” Jeri Griego, business and accounting instructor, said. “It’s not income based. The only thing you need is a student I.D.”

Whether a student is full time or part time, students can come and get a few items up to two times a week.

“We get all our stuff on a donation basis. We have students who do food drives; Sodexo, who has done a food drive for us, and the campus community donates routinely to us also,” Griego said.

“We have a few bins around campus where people can drop off things. Most of the time they bring them down to the door of the Pantry or to my door and drop them off,” Griego said. “They’re secure here. As soon as I see them, I put them away.”

The human services program did a survey of students on campus regarding food and security questions. Questions included whether students could buy the food that they needed or wanted, and if they were hungry when they were studying.” The results of the survey led to the Pantry’s beginning.

“Overwhelmingly, the survey came back and said yes. I was at a board meeting and one of the people that was running Sage TRIO came to me and said, ‘I have students who are hungry, can you do anything to help?’” Griego said. “Lightbulb for me, somebody asked me that and I can’t not help, and human services got together and we started it off.”

The Pantry has two volunteers who help run it.

“As people come in or would like something from the Pantry, they would open it up for them, take information and help people pick stuff from the shelf and then they record it,” Griego said. “When there’s not a student in the office, myself or Liz Ivy, our administrative assistant, will. Our students know to come to one of us. We’ll help anytime.”

The Pantry is in the Business and Technology Building in room 108. The hours that the Pantry will be open are posted on the door. Students can come two days a week and get five items per visit.