Posted at 12 p.m. Jan. 31, 2017

Committee to consider appropriating funds for clubs

Applications for student groups to receive student fee money for the 2017-2018 school year are due Feb. 17.

Students who are seeking money for their student group can fill out the application by Feb. 17 and the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee will then deliberate and vote to approve the funds or deny them.

Student groups at Laramie County Community College are funded by the student fees paid by each LCCC student. SFAC is made up of elected members from the Student Government Association. Each student who wishes to get a club approved for a percentage of those funds will be required to make a presentation to SGA sometime after the February deadline. Those presentations are intended to show SGA the funds will be put to good use by the student group making the request. A student group is defined in the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee Procedure, section 4, paragraph H as “groups formed to enhance the educational, social, cultural, or recreational needs of students.” The procedure is available on the LCCC website.

Program Manager for Campus Activities and Multicultural Engagement Zeke Sorenson said, “They’re assigned a budget number, like every department on campus. Once student government allocates those funds, those funds are then provided using that budget number. The funds don’t actually become available until July for the next fiscal year. So all the clubs involved with this process having the deadline of Feb. 17, are applications to apply for funds for the next academic year. So, next fall and next spring.”

Students working to receive those funds have a much better chance of approval by being prepared and knowledgeable of how their club will provide an educational or cultural experience for their members.

“They fill out the application,” Sorenson said. “Then, they basically have to provide a summary of what they are going to use the funds for, they also provide a summary of what the club is, what activity that they have done, what achievements and events they have done for this academic year and the previous academic year.”

The cost summary provided by the applying student group must include a list of travel expenses if the group wishes to take a trip. “They have to provide a list of what they plan on spending that money for,” Sorenson said. “If it’s for travel, they have to fill out a separate form that breaks down the travel expenses. And if they are requesting funds for specific items, they have to provide that information as well on the application.”

It is during that presentation that SGA is allowed to ask the applying student group representative to answer any questions SGA has concerning the group or spending.

“If the total amount of requests is under the amount of the pool that we’re working with, typically they will get funding unless they are asking for money that they find student fees aren’t deemed appropriate to fund,” Sorenson said. “So, if it’s a trip, the club has to explain what the trip is for. It has to be tied to a convention, learning of some kind, or to enter a competition. They have to provide a rationale of what that trip entails.”

Applications for SFAC can be found on the LCCC website.