Posted at 11 a.m. Feb. 6, 2017

SGA starts the semester with solid goals

The Student Government Association begins each semester with a list of goals to accomplish. One of the goals on that list is to form the five committees of SGA.

SGA maintains five committees: Executive Board, Diversity Committee, Service Committee, Visibility Committee and Elections Committee.

The Executive Board is made up of the committee chairs. The main goal of the board is to provide leadership to the Senate as well as direction.

The Diversity Committee’s goal is to educate and represent the diversity of students found at LCCC. The Diversity Committee comes up with ideas for cultural events and cultural education. The committee also works closely with the Campus Activities Board as well as the Disability Resource Center. The Diversity Committee members are Jordan Liley, Logan Inghram, Daniel Garcia and Brayden Johnson.

The Visibility Committee’s duties include the promotion of the SGA to the student body by communicating SGA’s mission. The committee also maintains SGA bulletin board and website. Included on the website is a list of all the senators with their contact information. The members of the Visibility Board this semester are Garret Wilkerson, Brooke Darden and Derek Goldfuss.

The Service Committee’s responsibilities include getting the LCCC student body involved in civic services for the campus as well as the community. The committee organizes campus clean-ups and donations for the Pantry. The Service Committee members are Jenny Smith, Emily Bradford and Casey Van Natta.

The Elections Committee’s duties include promoting SGA elections as well as the U.S. Presidential Elections. The committee promotes awareness through advertising and organizing open forums for students to be involved in the voting process during elections. The Elections Committee members this semester are Robert Swank, Sebastian Z. Houston and Robert Smith.


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