Posted at 11 p.m. Feb. 3, 2017

College to host WACCT award

On Wednesday Feb. 8, Laramie County Community College will host the Wyoming Association of Community College Trustees award.

The Wyoming Association of Community College Trustees is an organization of community college governing boards that represent the 49 elected trustees who work for the seven community colleges in Wyoming. “On Feb. 8, the seven different colleges will come together, and each of the colleges will enter different categories and the Wyoming Association of Community College Trustees will gather once a year. Seven trustees from each of the different colleges nominate top members of each category,” Lisa Murphy, director of Alumni Affairs and Event Planning, said. The categories and nominations are:

Each college nominates who they believe to be the best candidates from their colleges, and Erin Taylor, who works for the Wyoming Association of Community Colleges, gathers judges to review their nominations and choose the winners

“What they’re looking for is excellence in each of those categories,” Don Erickson, board of trustee’s treasurer, said.

Merrell, who is the chairwoman of the board, has served on the board since October 2009.

“I know her very well because at one time I was the mayor of Cheyenne,” Erickson, said. “Back in the early ’80s, I appointed Carol to the Downtown Development Authority. In addition to being chairwoman to our board of trustees, she sits on LCCC’s Foundation and is also a part of the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center Foundation.”

“One characteristic of Merrell is that she is truly student-centered,” Erickson said. “For her it is the students who drive her motivation and desire to be an excellent trustee.”

The WACCT is a prestigious award. “It is such an amazing honor to be selected for these awards because each of the colleges select them for their exceptional services that they have to offer,” Murphy said.

All the nominees from each of the schools are invited to the award ceremony, where the winners will be honored. The WACCT Awards will be at 5 p.m. Feb. 8 and the reception will take place in the Clay Pathfinder building.

“In the past, it’s always been at Little America, but now it’s going to be in our ballroom at the Pathfinder,” Erickson said.