Posted at 12 p.m. Feb. 9, 2017

Apps to stay on top of studies

Brightspace Pulse is an app where information on schedules and
academics can be found on the fly

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What do I need for my next class:

Brightspace Pulse is an app where you can find information about your course and set up your schedule.

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Taking control and staying on top of your learning is extremely important for most students. So why not take control of your learning experience with Brightspace Pulse and D2L Binder?

Brightspace Pulse is the perfect mobile app that is free to download, and it helps students stay on track with their college work. With easy access to the course calendars, weekly assignments, grades and news, as well as adding personal events to their calendars, users can keep up to date with all their college work and organize their work schedules.

Unfortunately, I have not learned how to access and edit any of my coursework yet, but I found it helpful to be able to discover the requirements and due dates for my assignments. I also found it helpful to get notifications to my mobile, just like I would if I was to receive a text, announcement that my teachers have for their classes. I also learned that I was not able to complete any quizzes on the app, which I did not like. I like that I can reply to discussions on the app and even set up discussions with my classmates about certain elements within that specific class.

The Brightspace Pulse app sends alerts when classes are cancelled, when your class has been moved to another room or even when new grades have become available for viewing. Just like the web application, the user can use the weekly schedule to quickly see what is due for a specific day and upcoming weeks for all their courses.

The app benefits teachers as well. It offers easy access for teachers to view deadlines, lectures and any news that is needed for their students. Brightspace Pulse brings deadlines, grades and class news together, all in one, so the users can stay connected with their courses no matter if they are on campus or on the move.

I would recommend this app to any students and teachers who are looking to have easy access to their college schedule, class news and grades on the go. I found this very useful to keep up to date with my college work without signing into D2L on my laptop.

I have also tried to download D2L Binder, which is another app that is available for the iPad for class news, grades and work. However, it does not work on my iPad.


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